Hello and welcome! I’m Louise Rapple Moore, the Musical Director of Tamesis – the realisation of my long-held dream to conduct a high-standard, beautifully blended choir with a strong reputation and a happy atmosphere. It’s everything I hoped for when I started the choir in 2003 – and much more, when I think of the variety of performances and partnerships we’ve enjoyed during that time and the many friends we’ve all made in the choir. I think there are lots of factors that underpin the continuing success of the choir, among them the smallish number of  rehearsals, the blended sound we produce, the fact that for us, ‘committee’ means ‘anyone who comes to the pub after rehearsal’, and most of all, the members’ commitment to Tamesis and enjoyment of its wide repertoire and diverse performances. Browse our website and listen to some clips – if you’d like to join us or hire us, I’d love to hear from you.