So what’s it like to sing in Tamesis?

It’s friendly, challenging and very satisfying, because of the standard of music we make together.

We’re all busy people and most of us work full-time, so we like to make our Monday night practice time count! Our rehearsals are intense but exhilarating and always lively and good-humoured. You need to be able to commit to all the rehearsals on the schedule – we get through a lot each week so it’s important not to miss any.

Who’s in the choir?

Some of our members are professional musicians and music teachers, others simply have a lifelong love of singing, with experience in a range of different groups. We share a great camaraderie and enjoy socialising in the pub after rehearsals and gigs.

Where does Tamesis perform?

We put on our own concerts in the Reading area, but we’re often asked to sing at concerts arranged by others, such as the bi-annual Brandenburg series in London, for gala fund-raising events and with our friends at Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra. This means performance dates vary each year: we give plenty of notice and check members’ availability at the time of planning.

Blend in!

We’re a friendly bunch and love to make new members welcome. Whatever your musical background, if you’re a capable sight-reader and enjoy singing a wide variety of music in harmony, get in touch with Louise to arrange an audition.