June Rehearsal – 1

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  • Shiplake College
  • June 7, 2021
  • Monday, 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM

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June Rehearsal – 1

Shiplake College, A4155, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 4BW

Monday, 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM
June 7, 2021


Just a little reminder that we are SINGING tomorrow! All details below. Sadly Tim is away this week, so there won’t be any squash/biccies, so please bring your own drinks and snacks and we will have a break during the evening.

I have realised that there are no chairs in the stretch tent, so please can you BRING A CHAIR to sit on!

See you tomorrow! So looking forward to it!


An update about singing this summer! As you will probably have heard, the government have said choirs are not allowed to sing indoors (despite implying for a long time that we would be able to after 17th May). Christ Church have duly got back to me and said we can’t go there for rehearsals until (hopefully) September, unless guidelines change.

So, I have booked the stretch tent here at Shiplake College for the evenings of 7th and 14th June. Unfortunately we can’t have it on 21st June and 28th June is after the end of term – that doesn’t mean we can’t have it that evening, but let’s do 7th and 14th and see how we feel about 28th after that.

Please ink in 7th and 14th June in your diaries and remove 21st. 28th can remain pencilled in! Bear in mind these rehearsals are not compulsory, they are casual rehearsals – if you can’t make one or both, no worries.

I propose to start our rehearsal a bit earlier than usual as obviously we are subject to daylight to be able to sing. Happily the days will be almost as long as they can be! Let’s start our rehearsal at 6:45pm and we will finish when it gets too dark to see, or earlier if we get bored! Probably about 9pm latest.


Please enter Shiplake College by the BACK drive. That is the driveway nearer Henley off the main road. Drive down the drive, past Gilson House on your right with its little parking area, follow the road round to the right and you will see a car-park on your left. Please park in this car-park, or in any of the marked out spaces around that area. The building adjacent to the car-park, with the green window and door frames, is the Jubilee building which houses the bursary. By the main entrance to this building is a gateway and a pathway across a lawn and down some stone steps – follow the path, go down the steps and you’ll see the stretch tent.

I will bring music to sing and we will also have use of a piano so we won’t be so restricted in what we can sing. We will just use these rehearsals to have a bit of a sing-along rather than doing too much actual rehearsing. We’ll have a proper warm-up and then just get our voices used to singing again!

Timmy, please could you bring squash and cups and biscuits for our break?

Hooray! That’s only just over a week away. Have a lovely half-term week in the meantime and see you on the 7th.